Apple CEO Tim Cook Applies Three Persuasive Communication Techniques To Answer Tough Questions – Forbes, Carmine Gallo

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Excerpt from Forbes article by Carmine Gallo;

1. Use a simple three-part story structure. Cramer asked Cook to make the case for Apple’s stock, which had fallen about 4% since the first of the year. Cook immediately took control of the narrative and shifted the story away from the stock price which, as he correctly points out, will fluctuate due to emotions and macro-economic factors outside of his control. Instead, he used a three-part structure to explain the business.

2. Keep the focus on the customer. As a consumer-centric company, Apple’s customer loyalty means everything. In an answer to another stock-related question, Cook brought the discussion back to the customer. He used specific examples to highlight the value of Apple’s products to people’s lives. As you read this explanation, also pay attention the parallel structure of Cook’s sentences which adds to the impact of his words.

3. Put events in perspective. Headlines often get shared in an instant with little or no perspective. Good communicators need to take every opportunity to add context that customers or investors might be missing.

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