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ABSTRACT – eight design inspirations

Bart Veen Dutch energizer creative director events network impact making a difference connector celebrating life entrepreneur shares a source of inspiration: Eight of the most creative thinkers and imaginative minds working in the world of art and design today share their story in a personal way in this great Netflix serie. My personal favorite is stage designer


Why invest in I’s? That’s right, we are the world’s first company to invest in individuals. We believe that successful organizations are the result of successful people. That’s why we want to invest in you. Who is “you”? You are the game changers, the people who move mountains. Someone recommended you as one of their

SalaryBar – work hard, play hard, get paid

We fully agree that salary should not be your main motivation, and that money is not everything. But it sure as hell helps, and you deserve a fair compensation for your efforts. SalaryBar provides you with a detailed, unbiased salary benchmark that is +/- 10k€ accurate. Use it for your annual performance review, or check