Brexit is not a done deal. And it won’t be until 29 March next year. At any point up to then, the Brits can change their minds and stay in the EU. There are no winners of Brexit, the populist politiciancs who won all left. Leave your name to support the BRITAIN BACK IN referendum, […]


leadership Create a compelling organizational story. If your people don’t seem to fully understand the purpose of the business or organization and how that drives decision-making and allocation of resources, initiate a story-creation session with your direct reports and high potential employees. Ensure that they can, and do, translate that story down into the organization. Revisit your team’s purpose and operating model.  If your people appear disgruntled or unmotivated, collaborate […]

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DROPBOX – 3900% growth in 15 months Numbers are important Dropbox’s referral program is possibly one of the most famous cases of referral marketing done right. Almost a decade later, it’s still used in numerous case studies showcasing how referral programs can contribute to a company’s growth engine- or even be the engine itself. Let’s have a quick dive into Dropbox’s […]

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Paypal scaling 1. I came up with the company’s main viral growth mechanism, as David Sacks (PayPal Chief Operating Officer until the sale to eBay) plainly stated to the LA Times (ref. 1). There were other growth mechanisms, such as Max’s automatic buying system on eBay, where he wrote an auction crawler that offered to buy […]

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Alibaba Group’s mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere. … We provide the fundamental technology infrastructure and marketing reach to help merchants, brands and other businesses to leverage the power of the Internet to engage with their users and customers.

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A direct sea route to Asis

It had also failed in its principal mission of securing a commercial treaty with Calicut. Nonetheless, the spices brought back on the remaining two ships were sold at an enormous profit to the crown. Vasco da Gama was justly celebrated for opening a direct sea route to Asia.

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