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Being concise is a challenge, most professionals aim to write a half A4 page to describe themselves. In a FORTUNE magazine Melinda Gates is described as having great listening skills, “she acknowledges, she nods, she listens”. At RizeClub we believe that being able to describe yourself in a 20 concrete words, as well as listing 5 words that describe your ambition, your ideal next job is a true art. These 20+5 words will be much more impactful than 2 pages filled with positive yet general descriptions. Please respond to this post to add words that we have missed…

interests – robots, data, social media, retail, sustainability, relations, mobility, fashion, family, literature, globalization, food, high tech, drones, energy, people, mindfulness, travel, dance, jet-set, bottom pyramid,  automotive, culture, digital, internet,…

experience –  sales, engineering, talent development,  innovation, marketing, operations, logistics, purchasing, entrepreneur, HR, strategy, change management. supply chain, coach, consultant,…

context – start-up, upscaling, multinational, turn-around, B2B, B2C,…

skills – patience, focus, develop others, listening, presenting, communicating, analytics, optimism, forge partnerships, build relationships, asking questions, details, creative, connecting, dream big, courage, risk, learn, firing, hiring, ambition, fast, action, change, team building, continuous improvement, loyalty, decide, modesty, problem solving, energetic, coach, learning, pragmatic, 80-20, perfectionist,..

locations – USA, ASIA, EUROPE, Germany, Brazil, Shanghai, Tokyo, Barcelona… (add if relevant)

hobbies – kitesurfing, cooking, reading, travel,…

Click here for the 20 words that describe some of our RizeClub members.




X2027 ambition – Reservoir or Production Engineering in the oil industry – global mobility

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A graduate member with 2 Master degrees is looking for a position as a Reservoir engineer or Production Engineer in the upstream energy business.

Aiming to map out oil reserves, using e.g. simulation. Both back office as well as on location work. Interested in Enhanced Oil recovery (EOR) and CO2 storage  upstream industry trends.

Location(s): global mobility – no limitations

Desired Employers: oil & gas exploration

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Paul Rulkens – the high performance Mastermind

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How do the best get better? Companies like KPMG, ExxonMobil, McKinsey, Canon, and Novartis work with Paul Rulkens to raise the bar and quickly bring results to the next level.

paul rulkensPaul knows that doing more is no longer the default answer to too much to do. He is an expert in strategic high performance: the art and science of accelerating bold executive outcomes with the least amount of effort. He is an award-winning professional speaker, international author of ‘The Power of Preeminence’ and ‘How successful engineers become great business leaders,’ and a trusted boardroom advisor who has helped thousands of business executives, managers, and professionals get everything they can out of everything they have. His ideas to improve results and accelerate careers are often described as thought-provoking and counterintuitive, yet highly effective.

You do not have to be sick in order to get better. As an international keynote speaker, Paul annually addresses dozens of successful international audiences about essential mindsets and proven strategies to reap exponential business improvements. His most popular topics cover the secrets of consistent execution, easy innovation, powerful leadership, business growth, career acceleration, and seamless teamwork.

Originally trained as a chemical engineer, Paul’s work is based on deep knowledge and extensive experience in the practical business applications of behavioral psychology, neuroscience and, especially, common sense. His popular TED talks have already been watched by more than 1.5 million people and are used frequently in professional training sessions all over the world.

His clients call his keynotes both substantive and hilarious. The reason may be that Paul once was trained as a standup comedian, receiving critical acclaim for his Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation. However, the miserable failure of his ensuing pumping iron muscle development project prevented him from pursuing his true calling in life: a career as a credible Arnold Schwarzenegger body double….

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Maja Rudinac – live from CES – “meet Lea” of Robot Care Systems bv

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Maja Rudinac is sharing live from the CES 2019 in Las Vegas:

“Great start to ces2019, proud to be part of holland pavillion. Lea stands out everywhere. Thanks Hrh Prince Constantijn Van Oranje-Nassau, Mona Keijzer Lex Empress Philips Lifeline hashtagstartupdelta healthcare” 

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Robot Care Systems develops and markets support devices for people with cognitive or motion restrictions. We use robot technologies to build active support tools that help people live an independent life. RCS is a fast growing startup that was created by robotics specialists from the Technical University in Delft, and security company Lobeco in The Hague, the Netherlands. Our prize-winning first product, an autonomous stroller, is now in test in different care and rehabilitation centers.


Volkan Cambay – Los Angeles, California – “one needs a good network full of wise and diverse friends”

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Volkan Cambay – Los Angeles, California. “Desire and hard work are the two personal prerequisites of any kind of positive impact project but one also needs a good network full of wise and diverse friends. That is why I am in here, the game changers network. Right now I am finalizing my MBA at UCLA, Volkan”



Today join the “zero-likes” network

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Within the current Facebook craze the small community approach of makes more sense then ever. The global game changers network today consists of some 300 curious professionals. Instead of aiming for a 300 million plus membersbase like LinkedIn or a 1000 plus likes culture like Facebook, aims to facilitate real interaction between one thousand members. The network uses the Mighty Networks platform to create a members only community, where people actively share and engage.


Members introduce their top 5 game changers, people who make a positive impact on the teams they work with. The topics discussed range from innovation, marketing, talent management to personal improvement. Anything goes, as long as everyone grows. We carefully curate the diversity of our network, with; 52% women, members from all continents, graduates and captains of industry we make sure you meet people outside of your regular circle of friends.

Members Meetups – Next to the online community, members meet regularly at regional members meetups. During these physical interactions at inspiring locations like the leading Dutch brand agency personal relations are strengthened and key notes are presented. Over fantastic food and drinks new bonds are forged.

If you’re eager to learn, love diverse opinions and willing to “pay it forward” then feel very invited to join