Melle Ketting started a sharing on the importance of a night of solid sleep. Rizers Chantal Frederiks ,  Joost d’Hooghe , Sampo van Raesfeld and Colette Grosscurt joined the conversation. Here is an abstract of the discussion in the RizeClub members area: Elizabeth C. Nelson talked about the correlation between burn-outs and hours of sleep. Below are the […]


Leadership Lessons from India

This post is copied from discussions inside the RizeClub members area – Jasper Hendrikx shared his personal experiences from an assignment in Pune India. For the past 1.5 months, I am living in Pune, India on an international assignment. In this post, I would like to share some of the experiences of working in India […]

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Stop trying to outwork machines

“Try to let go of the idea that time is linear, regular and objective, and think of it in the same way we experience it – as elastic, variable and layered,” We differentiate from machines by being creative, directional, relational. Read the full Inc. article HERE or get in touch with the RizeClub member who […]

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2020, place your bets

RizeClub members are real people, curious, capable and caring. They are West Coast entrepreneurs, Indian Researchers, Dutch professors, Chinese bankers, German consultants….. In the members area they are sharing real people’s views on 2020, and how to best approach an economy that for sure will be uncertain. Want to see what they think, and share […]

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Jim Hackett of FORD in the Boss Files

“curious minds, we want to invite the smartest people of the planet, and tell us what they’re doing so we can learn from them” In a special live CNN Business conversation called “The Table,” Ford President and CEO Jim Hackettdiscusses the major disruption technology has on the auto industry and why he is not worried about competition […]

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