2020, place your bets

RizeClub members are real people, curious, capable and caring. They are West Coast entrepreneurs, Indian Researchers, Dutch professors, Chinese bankers, German consultants….. In the members area they are sharing real people’s views on 2020, and how to best approach an economy that for sure will be uncertain. Want to see what they think, and share […]

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Jim Hackett of FORD in the Boss Files

“curious minds, we want to invite the smartest people of the planet, and tell us what they’re doing so we can learn from them” In a special live CNN Business conversation called “The Table,” Ford President and CEO Jim Hackettdiscusses the major disruption technology has on the auto industry and why he is not worried about competition […]

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RizeClub® is a revolution in disguise, accessable for those curious enough to see the red door, and brave enough to enter. Our members are diverse global game changers; Sales Leaders, Harvard Professors, Coding champions, Sustainability experts, Supply Chain gurus, Mobility engineers, Skateboarders, Blockchain developers,… The club has only one purpose; help our members rise to […]


RizeClub SOS service

Need any help to realize your #ambition? An introduction to a key person, advise for a project, a job to stretch yourself, state of the art information, sidegig funding,… post your need in the RizeClub SOS group in the RizeClub members area.

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