How BOSE stays the boss of sound

Most members own BOSE products, and the noise cancellation head sets have become an essential travel companion. In our hero powered network we wondered “How does BOSE maintain it’s leadership position and continues to develop great products?”. Here are some clues we found; BOSE website; “But maybe the most important principle we live by is […]

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Single vs multi brand strategy

An organization is very much linked to it’s core brand. In order to facilitate express sales growth, through an aggressive short term campaign, it is recommended to operate at least one secondary “outlet” brand. The second brand allows you to gain short term growth, and capture additional market share, without diluting your core brand. A […]

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Start with Who!

OUTNR. member Andy Mosmans shares his view on what drives success; Recently I read a very interesting article on Medium from Michel Bachmann, with the title ‘Start with Who’. It is off course a reaction to one of the most popular TED Talks of Simon Sinek in which he encourages people to ‘Start with Why’. That is, leaders […]

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Red Bull vs Coca Cola and Pepsi

By Alexis Burton – University of Texas – Among the countless energy drink brands, Red Bull stands out both nationally and internationally. The company has noticeably focused its efforts on marketing. Their marketing strategies are perfectly aligned with their target customers around the world. Red Bull’s marketing team has utilized modern strategies such as social […]

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ZAG – Marty Neumeier, building differentiated brands

OUTNR. member Marty Neumeier captured high-performance brand strategies in a powerful book: ZAG. “As the pace of business quickens and the number of brands multiplies, it’s customers, not companies, who decide which brands live and which brands die.” “Today’s real competition doesn’t come from other companies but from the extreme clutter of the marketplace. Fighting […]

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