SalaryBar – work hard, play hard, get paid

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Money is not the most important thing in the world. But a solid #salary sure as hell helps, and you deserve a fair compensation for your efforts.

SalaryBar offers a detailed, unbiased salary benchmark. We combine the most extensive algorithm in the market, with the human touch of our SalaryBar tenders. The only data we’ll never enter into the equation is gender. Oh yeah, we also aim to add a bit of fun to the process…


Reid Hoffman’s Masters of Scale; Startup Success

HINEKEN’s favorite podcast series Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman and friends sumarized the 10 strongest commendments to achieve startup success. We’d argue that 99% of this podcast treasure is valid for all companies including the largest multinationals.

Some tips;

  • minute 16.00 Hire for persistence and curiosity. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook – hire the best people you can. “You should never hire someone if you would not want to work for them”
  • minute 23:30 Brian Chesky CEO of AirBnB shares how they designed mindblowing customer experiences by imagining an 11 star customer experience.
  • minute 67.09 “create a winning company culture where every employee owns it” Reed Hastings of Netflix shares how he learned how to turn culture into a competitive advantage. Resulting in the Netflix “culture deck”.
  • minute 80.40 is Joost d’Hooghe‘s favorite; “pay it forward” – succesful organisations and individuals depend on the power of their diverse ecosystems, invest in your network and create width and depth
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“the Four” Silicon Valley’s Trillion Dollar companies

This week I’ve spend an amazing time on the West Coast. I had the honor to visit Trillion Dollar Tech companies that are shaping the way we communicate, shop and basically live. As a souvenir our Cupertino team handed over the book below, “the Four” by Scott Galloway, an absolute must read. Do not wait too long reading this one, because there a nr of Asian unicorns, fast… Joost d’Hooghe 

“For all that’s been written about the
 four over the last two decades, no 
one has captured their power and staggering success as insightfully as Scott Galloway.

Instead of buying the myths these companies broadcast, Galloway asks fundamental questions. How did the four infiltrate our lives so completely that they’re almost impossible to avoid (or boycott)? Why does the stock market forgive them for sins that would destroy other firms? And as they race to become the world’s first trillion-dollar company, can anyone challenge them?”



Today join the “zero-likes” network

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Within the current Facebook craze the small community approach of OUTNR.com makes more sense then ever. The global game changers network today consists of some 300 curious professionals. Instead of aiming for a 300 million plus membersbase like LinkedIn or a 1000 plus likes culture like Facebook, OUTNR.com aims to facilitate real interaction between one thousand members. The network uses the Mighty Networks platform to create a members only community, where people actively share and engage.


Members introduce their top 5 game changers, people who make a positive impact on the teams they work with. The topics discussed range from innovation, marketing, talent management to personal improvement. Anything goes, as long as everyone grows. We carefully curate the diversity of our network, with; 52% women, members from all continents, graduates and captains of industry we make sure you meet people outside of your regular circle of friends.

Members Meetups – Next to the online community, members meet regularly at regional members meetups. During these physical interactions at inspiring locations like the leading Dutch brand agency ARA.nl personal relations are strengthened and key notes are presented. Over fantastic food and drinks new bonds are forged.

If you’re eager to learn, love diverse opinions and willing to “pay it forward” then feel very invited to join OUTNR.com