Haier’s Micro-enterprises

HAIER changed from Monolithic Businesses to Micro-enterprises. In most organizations there’s little that supports bold thinking and doing. Old assumptions get challenged only once the business has hit a wall. Not so at Haier. Every Micro-enterprise is charged with pursuing ambitious goals for growth and transformation – known internally as “leading targets”. Rather than taking last […]

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Leading Targets & Micro Enterprises

Haier changed from a central top down strategy to a decentralized Micro Enterprise  (ME) approach. “Every ME is charged with pursuing ambitious goals for growth and transformation – known as leading targets. Rather than taking last year’s performance as a starting point, objectives are set outside in. A dedicated research unit collects product-by-product statistics on […]

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B2B Top Line Strategy – 7 elements

On their site Agiliron.com share 7 relevant Top Line Strategy elements; 7 elements of a top line strategy that support robust growth: 1. Tap Growth Opportunities Before your Competitors The ideal growth strategy is exploring opportunities that have very little or no competition. Go where no business has gone before. While this is as difficult […]

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Continuous Improvement

Google Has an Official Process in Place for Learning From Failure – By Justin Bariso,  @JustinJBariso Recently, Google described its internal process for documenting and learning from mistakes, The process is ever so aptly named: the postmortem. Identify the most important problems. Ask yourself, what do I define as a major problem? You may not always know until you […]

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