Reward risk

Inc. magazine – “Don’t wait for the right circumstances to present themselves to you, that force you into action. Be bold enough to seize and create the opportunities that will bring a greater than average return. Getting the results you desire doesn’t come as a result of being a reluctant superhero, that only uses their superpowers when […]

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Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn – awareness, synthesis, inspiration

Effective leaders possess at least three qualities: 1. Awareness (e.g., global & industry trends, company performance, team/others, self), 2. Synthesis (ability to separate signal from noise, connect dots, generate insights, develop a plan), 3. Inspiration (clarity of vision, courage of conviction, ability to communicate both). According to Jeff Weiner, CEO at LinkedIn

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Joost d’Hooghe

Joost d’Hooghe – I am a strong believer of using positive energy and personal relationships to build lasting commercial partnerships. Applying a 90-10, “getting things done” approach. My ambition is to build strategic alliances between winning organisations, either in executive commercial roles or as general manager. Working with agile and empowered teams with a focused approach (strategic accounts, […]

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