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The THINKTEAM concluded that these will be two biggest changes related to food: the amount of meat we eat, and the way we produce food.

Photo_Laura.pngThe In-Vitro Meat Cookbook by Koert van Mensvoort is what I would call playing with the concept of ‘the future of food’. How would you feel about growing a piece of steak on your arm or leg in an in-vitro capsule? It would really embody the phrase of giving your loved ones ‘a piece of yourself’. Laura Nieboer


The In Vitro Meat Cookbook

45 Lab grown meat recipes you can not cook yet

Hello meat lovers, hello vegetarians. We need to talk about the future of
meat. With the world’s population expected to reach nine billion people by
2050, it becomes impossible to produce and consume meat like we do today.

In vitro meat, grown from cells in a laboratory, could provide a sustainable and animal-friendly alternative. Yet, before we can decide if we are willing to eat in vitro, we must explore the new food culture it will bring us.

This has to be one of the most out of the box food thoughts; Joost d’Hooghe joost.jpg

There’s now a robot you can eat

Researchers from the Swiss federal polytechnic school in Lausanne presented a robot at last week’s International Conference on
Intelligent Robots and Systems in Canada that is made entirely of edible materials. Read the full post at

Why cities fighting climate change should take a look at food policy

Altering eating habits can make a big difference when it comes to carbon emissions.

As cities devise and deploy new strategies to fight climate changerenewable powerelectric vehicles, resilient design—a new approach gaining credence in environmental circles may seem a bit low-tech and low reward: changing food policy. How can city governments not only change eating habits, but do so in a way that makes a dent in emissions, compared to energy usage or efficiency? Read the full article at

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WHEN -Daniel H. Pink

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WHEN – the scientific secrets of perfect timing by Daniel H. Pink.

This book provides tons of practical insights on time. What time of day best supports organizing a team call. When should you complete your most complete analytical tasks.

Supported by solid research, but presented in a light story telling mode Daniel Pink shares valuable insights such as:

  • In the morning we are alert, our vigilance or “inhibitory control” helps our brains solve analytical problems. But for creative insights problems you actually need your guard to be down, it is best to complete these tasks in the afternoon.
  • People feel increasingly warm towards others in the morning, peaking around lunch time, then it drops back with a dip around 16.00 hr, increasing to a peak around 20.00 hr.

Recommended by Joost d’Hooghe


HBR – Replacing the Sales Funnel with the Sales Flywheel

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HBR article by Brian Halligan, November 20, 2018

Using a flywheel to describe our business allows me to focus on how we capture, store and release our own energy, as measured in  traffic and leads, free sign-ups, new customers, and the enthusiasm of existing customers. It’s got a sense of leverage and momentum. The metaphor also accounts for loss of energy, where lost users and customers work against our momentum and slow our growth.

Employee skills. In the “better product” era, when you grew, you added humans, and you placed them in specialized roles. In addition to a sales rep, you created a business development role for pre-sales, you hired a variety of hunters and farmers, you assigned an account rep to manage ongoing business. You hired and trained “I-shaped” employees who could dive deep into a specific domain. Specialists are great at handling specific customer issues. But, when you have multiple specialist roles, it means your customer is getting handed off from one specialist to another. And, if your customer is getting handed off, they are experiencing friction.

sales heroes; Joost d’Hooghe , Kristina SuttonLuca Morrone, …….


International Women’s day – build smart

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RizeClub is an equality driven career care initiative. Membership is through referral only, members introduce the 3 best women and 3 best men in their networks. Data has proven that diverse teams perform better, that’s why we love the #IWD2019 theme;

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2019 Campaign theme is #BalanceforBetter

A balanced world is a better world. How can you help forge a more gender-balanced world?
Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.
Get everything you need to run a successful International Women’s Day right here.

Joost d’Hooghe, global business director Stanyl ForTii EcoPaXX at DSM – proud of my company and our CEO;

#IWD19 ‘I don’t want to live in a world that is dominated and dictated by men. And It would be stupid to forget 50% of the global workforce that can contribute,’ DSM CEO Feike Sijbesma #internationalwomensday2019 #WomenInScience

Jesse Weltevreden, professor Digital Commerce.

International Womens Day: Why are there so few female e-commerce managers?

Today, women shop online about as often as men.

Yet most e-commerce managers are men. Research among the 275 largest online retailers and travel companies in the Netherlands shows that only about 16% of the e-commerce managers are women (see: This is not in proportion to the customer base of many web shops.

Would it matter if we had more female e-commerce managers or not? How would online shopping look like if we had more female e-commerce managers? The same or different?

#IWD19 #IWD2019 #InternationalWomensDay #onlineretail #ecommerce #customerbase

Pip Jamieson founder The DotsMy last shout out of #IWD2019 goes to the incredible women at The Dots that make everything possible. Annie, Danni, Donna, Gosia, Joyce, Laura, Nancy, Raquel, Robyn, Sabeena & Sophie – legends the lot of you!

At our Friday team meeting we do THANK YOUS – where everyone on the team thanks another teammate. Today my Head of Engineering gave me goose bumps when he thanked all his female teammates for making The Dots such a magical place to work, saying “my previous companies were very laddish/masculine – but since joining The Dots I’ve never been happier & couldn’t return to those environments again!”

Surely this is what it’s all about; building inclusive teams that make us all happier, more creative and more productive.

I’m so proud to work alongside these incredible women every day – of my 22 teammates; 50% are female! But I’m equally proud of a team that reflects society more broadly; spanning 9 different nationalities, 25% BAME, 13% LGBT+ and beautifully neurodiverse.

This is the future! This is why we do what we do. Happy #IWD2019, all

NIKE celebrates Women’s Day – everyday!

Stephanie Hottenhuis – CEO KPMG

Happy International Women’s Day everyone!

The position of women has improved over the years but there are still a lot of barriers in the way for women to advance their carreer. I’m speaking with Marian Spier,Founder of the Female Startup Awards and TedXAmsterdamwomen

#IWD2019 #BalanceForBetter KPMG Netherlands


SalaryBar – work hard, play hard, get paid

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Money is not the most important thing in the world. But a solid #salary sure as hell helps, and you deserve a fair compensation for your efforts.

SalaryBar offers a detailed, unbiased salary benchmark. We combine the most extensive algorithm in the market, with the human touch of our SalaryBar tenders. The only data we’ll never enter into the equation is gender. Oh yeah, we also aim to add a bit of fun to the process…


Reid Hoffman’s Masters of Scale; Startup Success

HINEKEN’s favorite podcast series Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman and friends sumarized the 10 strongest commendments to achieve startup success. We’d argue that 99% of this podcast treasure is valid for all companies including the largest multinationals.

Some tips;

  • minute 16.00 Hire for persistence and curiosity. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook – hire the best people you can. “You should never hire someone if you would not want to work for them”
  • minute 23:30 Brian Chesky CEO of AirBnB shares how they designed mindblowing customer experiences by imagining an 11 star customer experience.
  • minute 67.09 “create a winning company culture where every employee owns it” Reed Hastings of Netflix shares how he learned how to turn culture into a competitive advantage. Resulting in the Netflix “culture deck”.
  • minute 80.40 is Joost d’Hooghe‘s favorite; “pay it forward” – succesful organisations and individuals depend on the power of their diverse ecosystems, invest in your network and create width and depth

BIG data; Saving time, and the planet

“I love data, and I love it even more when big data saves me 45 minutes of traffic jams. For those who are not yet believers in the power of data and analytics; this morning Waze helped me to be in time for my business meetings, and saved the environment a lot of unnecessary exhaust gas emissions. I understand why Google paid the 100 employees over a million $ to acquire this service :)”

Joost d’Hooghe

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“the Four” Silicon Valley’s Trillion Dollar companies

This week I’ve spend an amazing time on the West Coast. I had the honor to visit Trillion Dollar Tech companies that are shaping the way we communicate, shop and basically live. As a souvenir our Cupertino team handed over the book below, “the Four” by Scott Galloway, an absolute must read. Do not wait too long reading this one, because there a nr of Asian unicorns, fast… Joost d’Hooghe 

“For all that’s been written about the
 four over the last two decades, no 
one has captured their power and staggering success as insightfully as Scott Galloway.

Instead of buying the myths these companies broadcast, Galloway asks fundamental questions. How did the four infiltrate our lives so completely that they’re almost impossible to avoid (or boycott)? Why does the stock market forgive them for sins that would destroy other firms? And as they race to become the world’s first trillion-dollar company, can anyone challenge them?”