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Money is not the most important thing in the world. But a solid #salary sure as hell helps, and you deserve a fair compensation for your efforts.

SalaryBar offers a detailed, unbiased salary benchmark. We combine the most extensive algorithm in the market, with the human touch of our SalaryBar tenders. The only data we’ll never enter into the equation is gender. Oh yeah, we also aim to add a bit of fun to the process…


Red Bull vs Coca Cola and Pepsi

By Alexis Burton – University of Texas – Among the countless energy drink brands, Red Bull stands out both nationally and internationally. The company has noticeably focused its efforts on marketing. Their marketing strategies are perfectly aligned with their target customers around the world. Red Bull’s marketing team has utilized modern strategies such as social media and events in order to reach their audience. Based on its messages, we can assume that Red Bull targets males 18-34. They often reach out to their audience during extreme sporting events. As aforementioned, they also focus on digital marketing such as blogs, viral advertisements and social media. They also reach out by organizing or attending events, and through ambush marketing and team ownership. Red Bull has proven to be one step ahead in the marketing world time and time again. (more…)


Global Marketing Manager Automotive – DSM

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Do you want to drive the future of DSM Engineering Plastics?  If you are an International Marketing Manager in Automotive – anywhere in the world – we want to hear from you!

Check out our job:  Roeland Polet Anouk de Graaf Harry Na Joost d’Hooghe Rob Crowell Henk-Jan Koenen Sander Brakel #automotive #marketingstrategy #sustainability #engineeringplastics  (more…)