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We are  a concept, an idea on it’s way to becoming the most impactful company on the planet. We do not aim for the highest market capitalization, biggest turn over, or highest shareholder return. We want to create a home for heroes. A place where mountain moving individuals are supported to create even bigger waves.

We are a branded community, a network on steroids. Being incorporated helps us fuel the growth of our members. We can offer training, bridge start up periods, match your ambition with the most admired employers on the planet.

Our members own the club. Members have a share. Shares are awarded by activity, sharing ideas, helping members, introducing a recruitment order, matching a candidate, investing….

Members only – to guarantee top game changer profiles membership is by invitation only. Each member introduces 2 women and 2 men.



Own your destiny

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Imagine a company that has only one purpose; to maximize the careers of its “employees”. This is a revolutionary concept that does just that – you are the center of our strategy. We have no obligations towards shareholders, no interest to maximize our brand value or share prices. We want to build the largest community of game changers, and care for their career – not to earn a one time recruitment fee, but to support you for life. From university till your pension, and beyond.

Your employer has an interest to maximize your tenure, and HR approaches your career development with a bias. We are a truly free agent, we can match your ambitions and development needs with the most admired employers on the planet, with small agile startups or mega multinationals. Together we will find the optimum for you.

There is no short cut, or time pressure on our strategy, we will grow through member referral. Each member introduced 2 women and 2 men to the  community, true game changers that really make a difference. Note that as soon as we hit 2.000 members we will have the theoretical leadership to run market leaders such as NIKE and UNILEVER.

Apart from personal career care coaching, including job matching and bench marking you will earn money – either through the job openings you introduce or through the talent that we place at employers.


Maja Rudinac – live from CES – “meet Lea” of Robot Care Systems bv

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Maja Rudinac is sharing live from the CES 2019 in Las Vegas:

“Great start to ces2019, proud to be part of holland pavillion. Lea stands out everywhere. Thanks Hrh Prince Constantijn Van Oranje-Nassau, Mona Keijzer Lex Empress Philips Lifeline hashtagstartupdelta healthcare” 

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Robot Care Systems develops and markets support devices for people with cognitive or motion restrictions. We use robot technologies to build active support tools that help people live an independent life. RCS is a fast growing startup that was created by robotics specialists from the Technical University in Delft, and security company Lobeco in The Hague, the Netherlands. Our prize-winning first product, an autonomous stroller, is now in test in different care and rehabilitation centers.


Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable… Erik Hiep

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Last summer my son graduated at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. He went to Johannesburg for an internship at a big corporation, came back and told me:

“Dad, I am 21 and I am not going to sit in an office behind a screen for the rest of my life… “ “I need a real challenge!”

He signed up at the ‘Korps Mariniers’ which is the elite amphibious infantry component of the Royal Netherlands Navy. A rapid reaction force that can be deployed to any location in the world within 48 hours.

An intensive year of practical marine officer’s training has started, and they need to learn how to get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable. Over the last couple of months he shared some ‘lessons learned’ with me on how to do this. Success isn’t promised to any single one of us. But the awesome thing is that it is available to all of us. And it is not enough to know something – you need to apply…

Putting it into perspective, I think his leadership lessons are perfectly applicable in today’s volatile, uncertain & chaotic business environment:

1.     Push. Work hard, push through and do not give up. This means training yourself to take setbacks and keep on going.

2.     Focus. What needs to be done? Create clarity, have high energy and a laser focus. Get things done.

3.    Power. Be strong, have power & strengthen the body. The body is the temple of your soul. Work out, exercise and make it happen every day, consistency is key.

4.    Mind. Be always ready for anything.Every day feed, condition and strengthen your mind. Your performance is a reflection of your belief system.

5.    Time. Work quickly, especially if not in a hurry so you have time left when you are in a hurry… Create space and have more bandwidth.

6.    Pressure. Having a capacity for humor, fun and creativity in a stressful environment will define how well you do in times of pressure.

7.    Grow. Understand your limitations and use this to challenge yourself to grow. Deal with criticism and setbacks.

8.    Results. Get more out of the same hours or minutes, cut the crap and work yourself through the clutter of details and get the results you are after.

9.    Team. Nobody is more important than the team. Give more than you expect to receive and add lots of value to others.

10.  Lead. Lead by example & get proximity to amazing people. Put yourself in the game with people that constantly stretch you.

Winning is about getting culture right. These lessons learned that I derived from my son’s weekly feedback on his Marine training are all about installing a Winning Culture.

US Secretary of Defense & retired Marine General James Mattis: “There are many challenges organizations can overcome, but having a bad culture is not one of them. Culture starts at the top, and a good or a bad leader sets the tone for how the organization does business.”

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Published by Erik W. Hiep, MBA

Erik has extensive consulting experience with international management teamsand boards. He has worked on a wide variety of change assignments in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia & the Americas. Erik is also an Associate Professor at IE Business School in Madrid. He holds an MBA degree of the University of Glasgow and graduated at the Royal Military Academy in the Netherlands (Infantry & Faculty of Social Sciences and Psychology)


Erik is a member of the hero network.


Living and working in Dubai – Siegrid Althuizen, CEO of Skyne

Living and working in Dubai

Siegrid Althuizen is CEO of Skyne creative visionaries. The Dutch company is based in the prestigious design center of the Middle East, Dubai Design District (D3). She has extensive experience in the media and was responsible for growth and innovation within this sector in the Netherlands and other European countries. She is best known for her people management, commercial management and structuring of organizations.

With her creative vision, commitment and motivation she inspires people around her.
“I am convinced that the distinctive character of a brand lies in putting the focus first on the customer and I always strive for this. She combines her down-to-earth and result-oriented approach with humor and a touch of “Brabant” (province in the Netherlands) cosiness. A few years ago Siegrid met her husband Dennis de Rond who has been living in Dubai for more than 10 years: “During a trade mission to Istanbul, the first year we traveled back and forth, we married two years later and I moved to Dubai. “Together they make Skyne a success, with strategy and design as basis, for local, Dutch and international brands: as an entrepreneur you are looking for market share and profit in a constantly changing market.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 10.34.31.png

The most challenging moments offer the greatest opportunities to grow. Competitive advantage and brand relevance have never been as urgent as today, due to economic reforms, the increased use of digital technologies and competition from emerging markets. We have a broad geographic presence. Althuizen: “Our global expansion enables us to be closer to our customers and to serve them even better”.

Global expansion

The Dutch business spirit and expansionism are as old as the Dutch themselves. Now that the growth and thus the stability in the Dutch market comes back we see that the Dutch entrepreneur is looking for outside opportunities again and is increasingly finding it outside the country’s borders. A step that is made less is that to the Middle East. ‘A missed opportunity,’ according to Siegrid Althuizen, “People sometimes have a wrong perception of the Middle East, but really; it is in several ways a good decision to imigrate here, both business and personal. Although I came here for love, I have also built up a certain love for the country. “


The image that exists in the Western world of the Middle East is not always positive. Before leaving Althuizen received a lot of reactions from fellow citizens. “It is often thought that women can not do anything, it is unsafe and everything is about oil. But the reality is much different. The area is currently in change. A positive change that ensures that entrepreneurs business climate is becoming increasingly attractive. And I can just here unknowled as a woman on the street hear, and drive, and work as much as I want. “

Benefits; why the Middle East

Entrepreneurship in the Middle East is more attractive than ever. New markets are opening, governments stimulate growth, innovation & diversification, the tax system is attractive and the population is young, curious and wealthy. The Middle East is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. There is a constant demand for expertise and foreign investments. Dutch companies have played an important role in the progress of this region and are seen here as innovative, thorough and knowledgeable. The market is flourishing and therefore offers many opportunities.

hug.jpgCultural challenges

But what works in the Netherlands is not necessarily successful in the Middle East. You get to deal with a completely different market, new competitors and cultural differences. There may also be language barriers or lack of knowledge, local regulations make it difficult for you to work. There are many opportunities but the actual step towards success in the Middle East is not always easy. “We still see that things go wrong, that companies come up with enthusiastic plans but are disillusioned by a lack of insight and cultural adaptation, and finally return home. We ourselves have become wise through damage and shame, have a large network we have clients in the MENA region and together achieved successes and we would like to help Dutch companies be successful in the Middle East. “

Arabic branding

For success in the Middle East, the smallest details make the biggest difference. It starts with knowledge of the local market. Even within one country there are already differences in social norms, traditions and values. How do you respond to the local culture? How do you ensure a distinctive position in the market? And how do you stay true to the values ​​of your brand in the process? It starts with good insights of the market, the connection with the right people and institutions to ultimately become a valuable
brand. “There are, of course, cultural differences to take into account. Habits that are in
The Netherlands natural, need not be here. One of those little things that make a big difference could be a good Arabic logo, or maybe even the full re-branding of your brand because the name has a strange meaning in Arabic. In addition, entrepreneurship in the region starts with having a network. Skyne in this way supported Rituals, Henkes (Lucas Bols), Obesity Clinic and helped HEMA with their local strategy, branding and design.
“All companies with a specific challenge and different issues, but through the knowledge of the culture and a sober and energetic approach we always come to an appropriate, practical and fair solution.”

Dutch Design Center in Dubai

With Skyne, Althuizen also wants to strengthen the business ties between the Dutch and the Gulf regions. The Dutch Design Center (DDC), which opened in Dubai in 2017, DDC is the first platform outside the Netherlands dedicated to Dutch Design. The on- and
offline initiative stimulates international collaboration and focuses on the best and latest
the field of Dutch creativity. Skyne is the proud founder together with Royal Ahrend Group, Keller Kitchens and HunterDouglas; companies with a well-established reputation in this region.

Drop in for a coffee

Finally, Althuizen indicates that although she and her company have long been based in Dubai, the Dutch sobriety is still prevalent. “I may not live there anymore, but I will always be a “Brabander”. Both in Dubai and in the Netherlands coffee is always served for people who want to exchange their thoughts or want to know more about what Skyne can do for them. The only difference is perhaps the syrup waffle or date served next to the coffee 🙂 “

Siegrid Althuizen CEO Skyne Visionaries in branding and design

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