Why invest in I’s? That’s right, we are the world’s first company to invest in individuals. We believe that successful organizations are the result of successful people. That’s why we want to invest in you. Who is “you”? You are the game changers, the people who move mountains. Someone recommended you as one of their […]


growth mindset & the t-shape

HBR article Paul A. O’KeefeCarol DweckGreg Walton SEPTEMBER 10, 2018 Some people lean more toward the view that interests are inherent in a person, simply waiting to be awakened or found — this is what we call a fixed mindset of interest. Others lean more toward the view that interests can be developed and that, […]

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Ephrat Livni – Psychologist Anna Rowley—who counsels executives at Microsoft and other corporations—shirks the word “happiness” altogether. She believes resilience is the most important skill to cultivate, given the rapid rate of economic and technological change. Feeling good is all fine and good, but it’s fleeting. Learning to deal with difficulty, by contrast, improves your chances of feeling good again. That’s much more […]

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Talent Boosters

Give yourself the time to put this center stage and transform your ability, as an individual and as organization, to grow and develop in line with your ever changing (work) environment.

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