power your SDG project #RIZE2020

RIZECLUB is a club of real people; curious, capable and caring. The diverse member base offers unique insights, and problem solving capabilities, in combination with a wide reach.In 2020 the RIZECLUB members will support a project linked to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Submit your idea, challenge or project through the form below till […]

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Build a home

To achieve a high performance culture where employees feel at home, part of a family implement some of these principles of the Inc article; they will create stronger ties between your brand and its human talent. 1. Display your humanity Becoming human-centric rather than profit-centric may involve a shift in thinking and priorities. However, it […]

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Stop Initiative Overload – HBR

In this HBR podcast one of the biggest challenges for larger organizations is addressed; Initiative Overload – the risk of deploying too many parallel projects. Key thoughts Map the total nr of projects run accross the organization. Make sure that individual operational teams participate in a maximum of 5 and preferably 3 projects. On a […]

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