WHEN -Daniel H. Pink

WHEN – the scientific secrets of perfect timing by Daniel H. Pink. This book provides tons of practical insights on time. What time of day best supports organizing a team call. When should you complete your most complete analytical tasks. Supported by solid research, but presented in a light story telling mode Daniel Pink shares […]

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FAST COMPANY – Secrets of the most productive people

Podcast by the Fast Company magazine team: BONUS LIVE SHOW: PRODUCTIVITY MYTHS BUSTED Are morning people more productive than night owls? Do successful people have to give up work-life balance? Psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman and time management expert Laura Vanderkam busted some of the biggest productivity myths at the Fast Company Innovation Festival. Recommended bits: […]

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Lu Qi “I view myself as a piece of software, tomorrow’s version has to be better than today’s. I don’t want tomorrow to be the same as today.”

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