Joost d’Hooghe

Joost d’Hooghe – I am a strong believer of using positive energy and personal relationships to build lasting commercial partnerships. Applying a 90-10, “getting things done” approach. My ambition is to build strategic alliances between winning organisations, either in executive commercial roles or as general manager. Working with agile and empowered teams with a focused approach (strategic accounts, […]

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Peter Drucker – Create a Customer

The Purpose Of A Corporation: To Create A Customer In 1954, Peter Drucker put forward an equally radical idea for business. His book, The Practice of Management, argued that the whole world was mistaken in thinking that the purpose of a firm is to make money for itself. Common sense and conventional wisdom were wrong. “There is […]

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ZAG – Marty Neumeier, building differentiated brands

OUTNR. member Marty Neumeier captured high-performance brand strategies in a powerful book: ZAG. “As the pace of business quickens and the number of brands multiplies, it’s customers, not companies, who decide which brands live and which brands die.” “Today’s real competition doesn’t come from other companies but from the extreme clutter of the marketplace. Fighting […]

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Manage execution towards objectives by utilizing Continuous Performance Management

Many of the best CEOs today utilize Continuous Performance Management (CPM) throughout their organizations. CPM refers to performance management processes that occur on an ongoing basis, rather than via some annual or biannual appraisals. Near-term objective setting done as part of the CPM process should be based on the strategy and alignment discussed above. CPM need not […]

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Create proper alignment of objectives across the company

​If you are not already aligning objectives across your company and aligning team and group objectives to the corporate strategy – make sure to do so ASAP. Consider that if if you do not align objectives across your organization you could have people replicating one another’s work or, even worse, “rowing in opposite directions.” full Inc. article:

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Shadow Board

Use a shadow board of outsiders, millennials,.. to challenge your strategy with a fresh view.   GUCCI HAS A “SHADOW COMMITTEE” OF MILLENNIAL ADVISORS Posted on October 27, 2017Byhooghe WRITTEN BY MARC BAIN OBSESSION FASHION OCTOBER 25, 2017 Italian luxury house Gucci has had a remarkable turnaround since the start of 2015. That was when Alessandro Michele was unexpectedly named the brand’s […]

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