Prioritize to achieve your goals

The Powerful Tip That Helps Kellyn Smith Kenny Stay Committed to Her Goals The Powerful Tip That Helps Kellyn Smith Kenny Stay Committed to Her Goals In her Thrive Questionnaire, the Chief Marketing Officer at Hilton opens up about prioritizing, building healthy habits, and staying consistent.: “I divide my work into 4 buckets: (1) Urgent & […]

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FAST COMPANY – Secrets of the most productive people

Podcast by the Fast Company magazine team: BONUS LIVE SHOW: PRODUCTIVITY MYTHS BUSTED Are morning people more productive than night owls? Do successful people have to give up work-life balance? Psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman and time management expert Laura Vanderkam busted some of the biggest productivity myths at the Fast Company Innovation Festival. Recommended bits: […]

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Stop Initiative Overload – HBR

In this HBR podcast one of the biggest challenges for larger organizations is addressed; Initiative Overload – the risk of deploying too many parallel projects. Key thoughts Map the total nr of projects run accross the organization. Make sure that individual operational teams participate in a maximum of 5 and preferably 3 projects. On a […]

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The Cult of Done Manifesto

We believe in doing, applying 80-20 every day is the best way to stay ahead of competition. Depending on your industry and the investments involved go for max 90-10. Find below the THE CULT OF DONE MANIFESTO by Bre Pettis and Kio Stark. The Cult of Done Manifesto There are three states of being. Not […]

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WEEKSHEET – win every week

WEEKSHEET is the fastest way to achieve your goals. Print the WEEKSHEET, take your favorite pen and write down your key goals. Every day finish the day marking if you made a step forward  (✓)), or not (-). On Friday afternoon, print your next week’s WEEKSHEET, recharge over the weekend and restart on Monday.

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WEEKSHEET, win every week….

A calendar week is the ideal unit to break your goals into. It allows you to achieve significant steps forward, and allows for mental and physical recovery over the weekend. WEEKSHEET is a way to achieve your goals. It is not an alternative to your agenda, nor a to-do list. Every Friday close your week […]

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